Bella Petite Models Hot Body Search

Bella Petite Models Hot Body Search

Bella Petite Models Summer Jam Ann Lauren

Ann Lauren Presents Bella Petite Models Summer Jam! Photography Peter Baratti for Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

Bella Petite Models Summer Jam

Bella Petite Magazine editor Ann Lauren is producing the Annual Bella Petite Models swimsuit and lingerie model search photo contest! Bella Petite Magazine has removed the final barrier for petite women to love their look and their bodies!

Afterall, we share a common cause in reality and acceptance for women of all heights, body types, ages, and ethnicities. Check back daily for new details and to register for our Summer Jam competition. We are looking for the hottest petite female bodies on the beach and in the bedrooms around the world!

Ann Lauren presents the Annual Bella Petite Models Swimsuit & Lingerie Contest! Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

Ann Lauren presents the Annual Bella Petite Models Swimsuit & Lingerie Contest! Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

You may also be eligible to compete in live competitions in your area. Once you are registered and evaluated you will receive information containing additional entry information if you qualify to attend a live event to secure a spot as a titlist in the Top 12 Bella Petite Models Poster Girl finally! There will be a limited number of events held, as well as photo only contest entries to secure a winning placement in the Top Twelve (12).


An exclusive deal for all those who Register for the Bella Petite Magazine Model Search from today through December  31, 2016, you will receive automatic FREE entry into the Bella Petite Models  hot body search open to women 5’7″ tall and shorter. Yes, you must submit swimsuit and lingerie graphics!

Bella Petite Models Hot Body Search

Open enrollment starts today and ends September 30, 2016 for the general public, into the Bella Petite Models hot body search open to women 5’7″ tall and shorter Here is the direct link to enter the Bella Petite Models Summer Jam!

Check out these great swimsuits!


Bella Petite Cover Models 2016

Celebrity Editor Ann Lauren proudly presents Bella Petite Model Cover Girls for Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

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BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE: Invites you to join Bella Petite today and be part of the petite fashion and model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy and plus-sized.

Enter the Bella Petite Model SearchWin a photo shoot in California, editorial fashion spread, and tearsheets for your portfolio and model promotions! Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and shorter!

  • Jan
    Posted at 12:43h, 22 August Reply

    Hi, Bella Petite
    My name is Ploymanee or you can call me Jan. I’m from Thailand but I married and moved to America for 4 years now. I love fashion, fitness, makeup and dreaming to be a model as long as I can remember. But I only 5 feet tall. Before I move to America I was think that you can be and do anything in America I though I’m in American dream. The answer is “No” because I’m from Thailand, I don’t have blond hair, blue eyes, I’m not 5’9″ I’m not good enough etc. But I saw so many unusual people that they can be models too. Why can’t I be a model too? Because I’m not look different enough to sell the product. I know fashion is about marketing but you thing people that buy fashion clothes they are 5’9″- 6’0″ tall answer is No!! Example like my case I only 5’0″ tall but I buy fashion clothes and shoes all the time, because I love it and they’re look good on me. I got a good feed back from people that see me when I go some where all the time. They says are you a model? or You should be a model all the time. That make me think you don’t have to be giraffe tall to look good on fashion clothes or anything at all. I think every women is beautiful in different sizes if you believe in your self and someone going to look at you the way you look at your self too. and I hope some fashion designer going to see some thing in small person like your guys soon (some thing that different and beautiful in fashion industry like so many people do). And I believe not all of fashion designer are 5’9″. So all I’m say is they’re should open there mind and there heart for new thing and new people in there fashion industry like you too. Because small people they are look good and beautiful on clothes as much as tall people do. How depend you look at them.

  • Gail
    Posted at 19:33h, 25 August Reply

    Someone should come out with an exclusively petite clothing line and a catalog featuring only petite models. We want to see how the clothes will look on us. Seeing clothes on tall models does not tell the average sized or petite woman how the clothes will look on them. All my life I’ve been faced with choosing fashions displayed on long-legged models and the clothes never look as I expected on me. You say the designers claim they want to show their clothes to best advantage and the fabrics don’t drape right on shorter models? Well then, they are not very good designers if the clothes only look good in tall sizes! I think there is a huge opportunity for starting a business of petite women’s clothing lines and catalogs showing only petite models. I hope someone does this soon.

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